About us

Principal’s Message

Established in 1873 as a western-style school, Akita High School, located on the scenic Tegata Hill, celebrated its 142nd anniversary this year. For over more than a century, the students have passed down a spirit of bun-bu ryo-do (scholarship and sportsmanship) and jishu jiritsu (self-reliance and independence) from generation to generation.

This year In April of 2015, we welcomed 275 new students, making the student body a total of 824 people with 72 faculty and staff. This year we will strive to make the school's tradition of "bun bu ryo do" and "jishu jiritsu" pillars of our educational goals, and to improve the quality of education while expanding school activities.

Our school has an excellent track record in getting students through college entrance exams. 137 students passed the entrance examination of national and public colleges, 115 of whom entered private universities, including 7 to Tokyo University, 24 to Tohoku University, 32 to Akita University, and 10 to medical schools. We also have an excellent record in club activities. As of now 90 percent of our students have joined a club or extracurricular activity. For example, our rubber-ball baseball team won the prefectural tournament, which was its 7th victory since 2013. Also the tennis team, table tennis team, and mountain climbing club won and went to inter-high school championships. In the individual competitions, members from the judo team, badminton team, and the shorinji kenpo (modern Japanese martial art based on Shaolin Kung-fu) team participated in inter-high school championships. Among the culture clubs, both the shogi (Japanese chess) and the broadcasting clubs went to their respective national competitions as representatives of Akita prefecture. Works by the art club and calligraphy club were chosen to be displayed at the National High School Arts Festival. The literature club also received a prize.

In shin-jin sen, or games played by the first and second year students, our track and field team, table tennis team, and judo team members won their prefectural tournaments. We are all looking forward to their future success.

While the number of students is decreasing due to the declining birth rate, the school nonetheless remains strong in scholarship and sportsmanship. We are achieving record numbers of students who go on to university and we continue to excel in extracurricular activities. Students show a spirit of self-reliance and independence on sports days and during school festivals managed by the student council. We see the students going about their school days while embodying the phrase in our school song, “onore wo osamete yo no tame tsukusu", which means “We should dedicate ourselves to society, cultivating ourselves." We intend to make ceaseless efforts to raise our students to be active members of the global community.

Thank you all for your continued support.